Basic Yoga Therapy Certification (BYTC) in Smart
Asana Yoga (SAY)
Requirements for Certification
200 Hour Yoga Program from ILYC/SAY* (Smart Asana Yoga)
Yoga Common Injuries and Conditions 1
Yoga Common Injuries and Conditions 2
Yoga and Anatomy
Yoga for Anxiety, Anger and Depression
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
The Art of Communication (How to work with Health Care Professionals and Set Up

I understand many people have 200 hour certifications. However, our 200 Hour Teacher
Training is more specific and detailed than many other programs. The 200 level courses
will give you a great foundation in understanding the basics of yoga therapy. It is an
important part of the BYTC training.

Your hours, excluding the 200 hours, may be applied to the 300 Hour Program (formerly
500 Hour).

*Training completed after 2012