After reviewing the frequently asked questions below, if your question has not been
answered, please visit the
Contact Us page to email or call us, and we will be happy to
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What do I need to wear and/or bring to class?
Exercise clothing that permits freedom of movement in all directions and clothing that is not
too baggy is optimal. Yoga is done in bare feet and shoes are removed before entering
yoga room. We have yoga props and water at the studio for your use, however you may
always bring your own. Beginning Sept. 5, 2006, we will no longer provide mats (for sanitary
reasons). We will have mats available to purchase.

Is there still room for me in a class, series, or workshop?
Unless indicated on the website homepage or schedule that a class, series, or workshop is
full, you may assume that there is still room and you may register or just come to class if
pre-registration is not specified.

Is pre-registration required for all classes?
Most of our classes are ongoing, meaning they run every week and have no starting or
ending date.
Therefore you may join those classes at anytime, and pre-registration
is not required. Classes that are a “series” (Intro to Yoga and Yoga for Kids) are
held on specific dates and pre-registration is highly recommended.
Pre-payment is
also required to hold a place for you in class. Please see
Schedule page for details on pre-

Can I get an extension on my class card?
Our class card policy follows: All discount class cards have expiration dates. Class cards
can be used for any class on the schedule (except Yoga for Kids) and you may attend
classes multiple times a week. Extension will only be given in unique circumstances such as
injury, extended illness, or weather closures.

If a class card extension is requested, one may be purchased at the following rates:

What class should I take?
If after reading the class descriptions on the Schedule page, you are still unsure what class
to try, you can use the following as a guide, remembering that how you feel while taking a
class is the best guide to follow.
Gentle Yoga may be taken by all levels.
Have never taken yoga before—Intro to Yoga Series or Gentle Yoga
Have taken a few classes or haven’t done in a while—Intro to Yoga Series, Gentle,
Beginner  Have taken at least 8 classes recently (and felt good doing it)—Gentle, Beginner,
Multi-level, Vinyasa
Have been practicing regularly for 3 months or more—any class including

What if I pay for a series or workshop and can’t make it?
In the event of cancellations up to 7 days prior to a workshop or first class of a series, credit
will gladly be given for any ILYC offerings/classes, or a friend may take your place. Credit
will be valid for 6 months from date of cancellation.
No refunds or credit will be
available for no-shows or cancellations 1-6 days prior to the workshop or after a
series starts

Can my child come class?
Our regular adult classes are appropriate for adults and teens aged 14+. Children ages 5-
12 may attend Yoga for Kids classes, however should not attend regular adult classes,
except under unique circumstances that must be discussed with the teacher of the class
prior to the class. See the
Contact Us page for contact info if needed. We do not have child-
care/babysitting services at this time.

Can I observe a class?
Since our classes are highly experiential, we encourage participation in a class in order to
get a true sense of it. If you just want to “check out” a class, you are always welcome to pay
for that single class ($16) without further obligation to continue. Also for the optimal
experience of other students taking the class, observation is not permitted.

Can I buy a gift certificate for someone?
We offer gift certificates for any of our classes, services, and merchandise, and also for
specific dollar amounts. We accept cash and checks (sorry no credit cards) and you can
either purchase the gift certificate at the yoga center (a teacher is usually there 20 mins
before a class starts or 5-10 mins after a class ends. If this is not convenient, please call to
make an appointment for someone to meet you there.) Or you can mail a check with your
request and a gift certificate will be mailed back to you.

I have tried calling, and no one answers the phone.
In order to provide a quiet environment for classes, the ringer on the phone at the yoga
center is turned off, and the director frequently works from home. If you have questions that
the voicemail or the website does not answer, please leave a voicemail message or email
us, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. See the Contact Us page for
more info.

I’d like to take the Into to Yoga Series, but what if I miss one class?
We highly recommend attending all 5 classes of the Intro to Yoga series in order. We have
structured the series to progress gradually, and each class builds on the one before it. If
you must miss class, we will permit one make-up class during the same 5-week period. As a
make-up class, you may attend any other on-going class on our schedule; we highly
recommend the Gentle Yoga class.

Are private sessions available?
Yes, private and semi-private sessions are available and are a great way to deepen your
practice, work on specific things, or even a great way to start out a new yoga practice. The
cost is $65/60 mins for one person. Private sessions are set up by appointment, and you
may contact the Director or the teacher you would like to have lead the session. See the
Contact Us page for contact info.

What is yoga?
Please visit the About Yoga page for a comprehensive explanation of yoga.
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